STARDATE0802.17 - A POP-UP...on the d/l

STARDATE0802.17 - A POP-UP...on the d/l

August 02, 2017

A POP UP...on the d/l. For the month of August I'll have a small selection of my personal collection including solo work and some of my favorite collabs that I've kept over the years, as well as some currently available works on display down at Illuzion Glass Galleries on Broadway in Denver. If you find yourself downtown this month, please stop in and see some gems that normally don't get out too often. =D 

And if you couldn't tell, I really like working with both Illuzion and their in-house glass company Ill Glass. The gallery has hosted a lot of the events I'm involved with locally, and Ill Glass and I have done some awesome custom and limited production work over the years. I'd like to announce that Ill Glass and I will be moving forward this fall/winter with some additional limited release accessories lines and a small handful of high-end custom pieces. I feel this continued partnership will help provide heavily requested high-end accessories such as slides, carb caps, etc so that I am able to focus on larger projects, and also provide a few customs for those who really enjoy the quality and function of Ill Glass paired with the intergalactic space scenery I have become known for. If you want to know more info or how to get your chance at a custom ILLxN8, please contact my team asap. -N8-

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