IG3.0 Satellite V1 Murrine Component Set


Most of the V1 Satellite didn't survive the creation process, making this a very rare pull to find in finished work. The only salvageable chips were used in completed artworks, and this will be the only release of the component sets, so if this is something you've been looking for, don't sleep!

Full Disclaimer: The 'complete satellite' coins are all slightly 'checked/cracked' around the body of the satellite (not through the entire chip, just around the body of the satellite; they WILL hold up fine over time as long as they aren't handled roughly. This only pertains to the complete chip, all the components are perfectly fine).

A V2 will eventually be made as a replacement, and since the image is in some finished work, I figured I'd release a few collectible sets, even in the shape the complete chip is in. Included in a signed/numbered display, and a printed card with the backstory explaining the 'Operation Paperclip' chip/easter egg on the wing.

Smaller Set (only 2 of the 10 completed sets are left)
Complete Satellite Chip - 17mm x 13mm
Single Solar Panel - 10mm x 10mm
Operation Paperclip - 10mm x 10mm
Dish - 17mm x 11mm
Body - 11mm x 8mm

Collections: Murrine

Category: Glass, murrine

Type: Murrine

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