N8's Collectible Murrine


ALL COINS ARE NOW CERIUM POLISHED as well as lightly beveled. Every set comes packaged & labeled in a nice display box or case. 
IG3.0 8-Piece Collectors Set. Includes: Challenger Tribute, Satellite, Sun, Earth, Ghost Honeycomb, Green/Purple Rings, and Asteroid Cluster. Avg sizes 7mm-15mm. $150/set. ONLY 2 SETS LEFT!!!
IG3.0 "Challenger Tribute" Component Set. Set includes; Full Challenger image, two wings, cockpit, and flag. Limited release. Packaged in a nice display box. Average Size: Full Challenger 14mm, Wings 14mm, Cockpit 18mm, Flag 13mm. $150/set. ONLY 2 SETS LEFT!!!

IG3.0 "V1 Satellite" survived the creation process; only a few dozen useable chips were yielded for scenes and sets, making this a super-rare release. Complete satellite chips may contain or develop a small hairline crack in them but are solid and stable at this point. BThis murrine was built with a small hidden "paperclip" insignia (hidden easter egg!) in one of the satellite wings to get viewers to research "Operation Paperclip" and the story of the Space Race. Average sizes: Complete Satellite Chip; 17mm, Single Solar Panel; 10mm, Operation Paperclip; 10mm, Dish; 17mm, Body; 11mm x 8mm. $150/set. ONLY 1 SET LEFT!!!
IG 2.2.1 "Bronto Park" is an homage to Elbo’s Bronto series. These are components from that tile. Average sizes: Head; 20mm, Dino; 18mm. $150/set

-Assassin of Youth - Oil Drip Single Coin - Avg Size: 9mm. $25/ea
-Assassin of Youth - Cannabis Leaf Single Coin - Avg Size: 16mm. $35/ea
-Assassin of Youth - Sherlock Single Coin - Avg Size: 16mm. $35/ea
-Assassin of Youth - Bong Single Coin - Avg Size: 9mm. $35/ea
-Assassin of Youth - Klein Single Coin - Avg Size: 11mm. $50/ea

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