World Famous Finishing Tools


As craftsmen/artists sometimes we have to make our own tools. After seeing sketchy DIY grabbers (or those smelly black pads, eww!) in nearly every shop I visited, a friend and I decided to make a few sets of high-grade finishing tools for ourselves and our fellow shop mates. So we set out to make a couple pairs each morning while the kilns warmed up. Then the word got out...hundreds, if not thousands of pairs later, I'm still making them as time permits (and friends demand them!)

If you have a worn out pair, please email my customer service team for repair info and/or a discount code on a new pair for repeat customers. If using a new pair for the first time, be sure to give them a quick flash in the flame before use to get them grippy, and as always, thank you for the support!!


Category: Miscellaneous

Type: Finishing Tools