Handblown Glass Art


handblown glass since 2002.

  • (((ELBO x N8)))

    Takashi Murakami Homage Series Raptor Character - Full Story in the blog

  • (((EUSHEEN x N8)))

    Watch the short film and read the backstory in the blog.
    Pics and video by @TheTerpDon.

  • (((ADAM G x N8)))

    Space Jazz.
    Smooth but funky while hitting all the highest notes.

  • (((JOE P. x N8)))

    Meet Zeek. Zeek is here to take over the freakin' Milky Way. Don't worry tho, he seems harmless enough...

  • (((WJC x N8)))

    “If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan.”
    – Terence McKenna

  • (((BUCK x N8)))

    This is a tribute to NASA's own space-faring monkey Albert. Find his complete story in the blog.