Handblown Glass Art


handblown glass since 2002.

  • (((BUCK x N8)))

    This is a tribute to NASA's own space-faring monkey Albert. Find his complete story in the captains blog.

  • (((JoeP x N8)))

    Meet Zeek. Zeek is here to take over the freakin' Milky Way. Don't worry tho, he seems harmless enough...

  • (((Gateson x N8)))

    This collaborative pendant is a perfect blend of the two artist styles; the planet by @universegateson and the Challenger Tribute murrine by N8. #PWND by @queenwook.

  • (((BMFT x N8)))

    "Jungle Nights" was created in 2017 with the elements in mind; earth/wind/fire/water. Finished with beautiful facets. Resides in a private collection. #NFS

  • (((SALT x N8)))

    This collaborative marble-eater sculpture (#4) was created for N8's solo #thizzspace show @thecavesmokeshop in early 2017